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This site aims to showcase some of my works. It is a personal online portfolio and testimony of reflections and projects, touching mostly daily life as concept, through different audiovisual medium contents. This place is the only public archive of some of my works and collaborations in creative and audiovisual arts.
Needless to say, this website is under permenant construction...

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This website is built using only Free and Open Source Softwares (FOSS) as reflection of a challenge to accessibility and compatibility, but most of all by choice of independence.
Here are some of the FOSS tools I mainly use: GIMP for image editing and Inkscape for vector graphics editing. Scribus for layouting manuals and publications. LibreOffice for daily production documents and data processing. Geany and Bluefish for code editing (HTML, CSS, Javascript, PHP,...), and a lot of free CMS and frameworks adapted to each need.

All that running on Linux. Linux being for me not only an OS but also a community where I contribute happily...


2009"De slaap neemt geen plaats in"
soundtrack for exhibition on streetgangs in Kinshasa, Congo. Project by Kristien Geenen and Chéri Cherin/ARAP (Ateliers des Recherches des Peintres Populaires - Kinshasa) in KVS, Brussels
2005"Ambrosia's tafel"
video editing and camera for the multimedia performance
in collaboration with Victoria Deluxe, Time Festival, Ghent

"La promenade"
video installation
in collaboration with Wit.h vzw, Corpus 05, Memlingmuseum, Sint-Janshospitaal, Brugge
video installation
in collaboration with Leen Gyselinck
De Centrale, Ghent
2001"Bruxèl Bordèl"
performance: interactive concert in a front window
in collaboration with Point.Five vzw
KunstenFESTIVALdesArts 2001, rue Dansaert, Bruxelles
1999"Access Intrusion" and "Beam of Light"
1 month web-diary and slide show performances
Cap Magazijn, Magazijn, Ghent
1990"Mystère de la chambre bleue"
installation performance mixing acting, pictures, paintings, drawnings, texts and audios
Parcours d'artistes, Saint-Gilles, Brussels
painting exhibition
Association 29, Brussels
1988"Effets Secondaires"
theater: stage actor and photograph
Le Pantin, Brussels
theater: chorus-singer
1986"sans titre"
photographic exhibition
K4, Brussels
1985"sans titre"
photographic exhibition
Utopie, Neder-over-Hembeek


This space is a sample of webmastering on his own, but besides this, I have also created websites for artists and worked on temporary websites such as festivals and occasional events.

Here are some of my works:

Vero Beauprez draws for various magazines, educational editions, advertising companies and government agencies. She as well attends seminars, teaches children and adults about the delights of (comics-)drawing through a variety of workshops and courses and enjoys painting.
website mastered from 2004 to 2009

Ansyl Kep songwriter, composer and singer, writes for theater, dance and audio-visual artworks. She shares the stage with artists and recorded for several labels before undertaking her solo career.
website mastered from 2008 to 2010

Elles Tournent - Dames Draaien is a four day festival that exhibits independent films directed by women from around the globe. The festival's goal is to emphasizes visionary works that challenge the traditional notions of visual storytelling and provide innovative perspectives on a vast array of topics.
website managed in 2010 and 2011

Le Rhizome is a group of professionals in green construction and renovation who are committed to making sites and projects that respect the environment and human relationships.
website created in 2013

Tsoin Tsoin & Tagada organizes cabaret scenes where 5 or 6 artists or groups share their worlds for about twenty minutes.
website created in 2017


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